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Top 10 Moments of the 2013 Nurses Ball

Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard that General Hospital celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary last week. The show celebrated by throwing an epic celebration – the 2013 Nurses Ball. For anyone who doesn’t watch GH, you may not know why this is SO FANTASTIC. So here is a little GH history lesson for you.

Back in the ’90s, General Hospital made a decision to confront the HIV/AIDs epidemic head on. This was a questionable and controversial move, because no other soap opera had dealt with such a topic. So, they introduced Stone Cates, a young, TDH (tall dark & handsome) man, onto the show and he fell wildly in love with the young and innocent Robin Scorpio. Hearts broke as Stone succumbed to the disease and Robin learned that she was HIV positive. But Robin didn’t let her diagnosis hinder her future. She became a wildly successful doctor, wife, and mother. She even started the Nurses Ball in 1994. The Nurses Ball was an annual event held to help raise money and awareness for HIV and AIDs. But, due to the enormous budget that this sort of event requires for production, the Nurses Ball hasn’t happened since 2001. Robin has since “passed away” (we know as an audience that she’s still alive but everyone in Port Charles thinks she’s dead). So, in honor of Robin Scorpio, Nurse Sabrina Santiago and Lucy Coe worked their magic to resurrect the Ball and there was no better way to celebrate GH50.

The 2013 Nurses Ball was great soapy-fun. It was hilarious, entertaining, and stocked full of drama and excitement. So in honor of GH50, here are the Top 10 moments of the Nurses Ball, so you can relive the magic all over again. And if you missed it, here’s a little recap of the best parts of the Ball!

  • 10. Carly and Brenda’s Food Fight
    Everyone’s favorite enemies, Carly Jax and Brenda Barrett, were seated at the same table. This sort of arrangement promises trouble, and it came in the form of a food fight! I don’t think I’ll ever forget the image of Brenda pegging Carly in the back of the head with a roll!


  • 9. Sam and Anton’s Ball Room Dance
    DWTS sexy stud muffin, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, guest-starred on GH50 as the super talented choreographer, Anton. He danced with DWTS alum, Kelly Monaco. All I can say is, hubba hubba!
  • 8. Anna Devane & Duke Lavery’s Tango (and then kiss!)
    History was re-made as Anna & Duke shared this magical moment all over again.
    Side note – Finola Hughes is a professional dancer and she rocked this tango. Do we have a future DWTS champion in the making?


  • 7. “Call Me Maybe” with Sabrina & Emma
    Emma=Adorable. Enough said.
  • 6. Felicia Finally Picks Mac, and Pops the Question!!
    The Aztec Princess had a tough choice on her hands – rockstar and FBI-hottie Frisco or her solid rock and partner-for-life, Mac. Thankfully, she made the right choice!


  • 5. Jack Wagner Singing…Enough Said
    Ladies of the Eighties, Enjoy! Jack Wagner’s “All I Need” will knock you off your feet ;)
  • 4. Lucy Coe In her Skivvies with Richard Simmons
    It’s tradition – Lucy Coe always ends up on stage in her underwear. We all just wondered how they would do it this year and the answer = Richard Simmons coming out of the closet. Check out 55 year old Lynn Herring’s abs of steel!


  • 3. The Belle of the Ball Lands Her Man!
    The make-over we’ve all been waiting for finally happened and Sabrina went from dorky-student nurse to the gorgeous Belle of the Ball. AND, she finally landed her dream man, Dr. Patrick Drake. YOU GO GIRL!


  • 2. Rick Springfield’s “Jesse’s Girl”
    Resident Dr. Noah Drake sure does look a lot like Rick Springfield! After keeping his acting and musical careers completely separate, Rick Springfield finally sings on GH and the performance was well worth the wait.
  • 1. The Men of General Hospital (Striptease Style)
    By far, the best moment of the whole thing was the performance by Magic Milo and his group of delicious men! Enjoy this Magic Mike-inspired performance! Oh, and they drop trow at 3:01. You’re welcome!

So there you have it. The 2013 Nurses Ball was an event to remember. I’m already counting down for the next one!


Happy 50th Birthday, GH!


On April 1, 1963, Dr. Steve Hardy and his team of nurses introduced us to General Hospital. Fifty years later, the ABC soap opera celebrated it’s Golden Anniversary. General Hospital is kicking off the 2013 Nurses Ball this week in honor of #GH50. For anyone who has watched the show in the past thirty years, it is a great time to tune in. Fan favorites from the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s are all over the screen. So if you want to tune in this week, and actually understand what the heck is going on, here is a little update on all your favorites!

1. Luke, Laura, and the Spencer Clan


– For anyone who missed this recent news, Laura is back on GH. She returned after living in Paris for six years. We know that she is engaged to Scotty Baldwin (also on the show right now!), and has been living with Nikolas and her mother for the past few years.
– This week on GH, Lulu has been kidnapped after receiving a weird delivery in the mail. Shortly after she went missing, Nikolas returned to town with a warning about who took her but…he was shot before he could get it out. His heart stopped twice but he’s in the hospital with promise of recovery. In fact, he actually woke up on today’s episode! But of course, no one was around to see him.
– Meanwhile, Luke, Laura, and Lulu’s husband, Dante, are on the Haunted Star, “floating on international waters”, with Helena and her henchmen. They believe Lulu is being held underneath the ship. I’d bet my life’s savings that when Luke and Laura open the door tomorrow, they don’t find her! That would be too simple.
– Lucky Spencer hasn’t been on General Hospital in a couple of years. They say he’s held up in Ireland, but I swore I saw him in Nashville a few days ago. He’s in one of those places. His name has been mentioned A LOT in the past few episodes though and we all know what that means. My guess – we have a Lucky Spencer spotting at some point this week!
– Bobbie Spencer checked back into Port Charles last week. She came into town to support Luke and Laura, and visit with Carly. Carly is always up to trouble so a visit from her mother is always appreciated!

2. Sonny and Brenda

– Today, in a perfectly orchestrated scene where Sonny is waiting for Kate/Connie [the woman he currently loves who has DID aka Split Personality Disorder] to arrive home, someone knocks at the door. Sonny opens it, expecting the woman he loves, only to find Brenda! Brenda was last on the show about two years ago. Her and Sonny finally got married, despite all the odds against them. The wedding was beautiful and everything fans could hope for. But then, for personal reasons, the actress had to leave the show. She was written out by declaring that Sonny was suddenly to dangerous for her son and she randomly left with Jax. This departure was a true failure considering the history between Sonny and Brenda. Let’s hope the writers do a better job this time around!

3. The Quartermaine’s

– Everyone’s favorite whacky family in Port Charles is still wreaking havoc on our favorite fictional city! We currently have Monica, Tracy, AJ, and Michael Quartermaine to keep track of, and perhaps a sighting from Alan?! Currently, AJ and Tracy are at each other’s throats for control of ELQ, and somehow, the key to ELQ’s success is in a jar of Pickle-Lila Relish. Basically, they’re a whole lot of fun to watch. But the nod to Lila is appreciated for any Quartermaine fan.
– On a sad note, John Ingle passed away at the age of 94 last year. GH aired a special tribute to Edward Quartermaine this past Thanksgiving. Enjoy the video below:

4. Lucy Coe and the Nurses Ball

– Our favorite whacky entertainer is back and currently planning the Nurses Ball. Lucy has been a riot to watch and I’m so glad they brought her back. She has wiggled her way into living with Monica and Tracy, become Co-CEO at ELQ, suffered temporary insanity, and helped to kill a vampire/serial killer all while planning the Nurses Ball! She scored guest choreographers, Richard Simmons and Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and I have a feeling we are in for even more surprises this week as the Ball unfolds!
– Lucy is also currently courting/be courted by Dr. Kevin Collins and assisting her BFF Scotty in marrying Laura post-haste. She’s quite busy in Port Charles, and I hope she stays that way for a long time to come!


5. Super Couples – Anna/Duke, Felicia/Frisco

– Anna Devane and Duke Lavery are on screen together. So are Felicia and Frisco. Any GH fan of either super couple should be extremely excited!! Duke is trying to win Anna back, but he’s having trouble because Faison hijacked his face for a few months and tricked our beloved police commissioner. That’s right people – hijacked Duke’s face. But now he’s back and we know Anna loves him. It’s only a matter of time until he waltz’ her right off her feet!
– Felicia is currently in love with Mac and Frisco. She can’t decide between the two of them. It doesn’t help that her and Frisco have all this fantastic chemistry and history, which GH uses to its full advantage. But we all know Felicia should choose Mac. Her is her rock and he has been there through everything. He’s raised Maxie [alive & pregnant] and Georgie [deceased, few years back] and he’s proven to be more of a father than Frisco ever was. Only time will tell!

6. The Hospital Staff – Liz, Robin, Patrick, Epiphany, and the New Crew

– The trusty hospital staff is as dramatic and entertaining as ever. Robin is “dead” but really being held by Jerry Jax and Dr. Britch’s mom, evil Dr. Obrecht. Patrick is on the brink of being in love with Sabrina, who is on the brink of an Ugly Betty-esque make-over. Liz is dating AJ (WHICH IS SHOCKINGLY GREAT) though she’s currently pining over Nikolas’ bedside. That just stirs up old love of the Four Musketeers [you’re welcome for that reminder!] and thankfully, the writers gave a nod to both Lucky and Emily today. Epiphany is loving the Nurses Ball and I’m pretty sure she’s in love with Maks from Dancing with the Stars. The new nurses, Nurse Sabrina and Nurse Felix, are wonderful additions to GH and I’m glad they are here to celebrate the Golden Anniversary.


Best Quotes of Today’s Episode:
“If she’s alive you live, and if she’s not you die.” Dante to Helena

“What you’re tasting is the sweetness of my victory & the bitterness of AJ’s loss.” – Tracy

Happy Birthday, General Hospital, from a loving fan of 16 years! I started out watching with my mom, and I hope to watch with my own daughter one day. Thanks for years of laughter, tears, fun, and endless drama!

Oh, and here’s one last treat.



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